Saturday, January 19, 2008

Week Recap - 90 Miles

Pretty solid week mileage-wise, the highest I've ever run in singles. My legs were sore from the Alumni meet for the first few days of the week so I didn't even consider running any workouts early in the week. I thought of running a workout on Saturday but opted out of it eventually. Probably wasn't a bad idea to let the legs recover and just build up the mileage again.

San Andreas Trail to Sweeney Ridge - 14 Miles

I stayed up late last night, waiting to see Marcos Baghdatis play in the Australian Open. The game was supposed to start around 2:30AM but it was delayed for a few hours so I slept for a while and got up just before 6AM. It ended up being a long game and it wasn't over until almost 10AM. Too bad Baghdatis lost as he almost pulled off an amazing come back. I tried to get back to bed after that but I only managed to sleep for another hour or so. I was considering running a decreasing pace 5 miler today but I was feeling a bit tired and not getting much sleep didn't help either so I opted against it. I drove out to the north end of Sawyer Camp and ran to San Andreas Trail down a a short dirt trail. San Andreas Trail is paved and pretty similar to Sawyer Camp in setting. It's only a couple of miles long so after that I continued on the streets towards Sweeney Ridge. I was expecting to find some trails there but I could only access a paved road going uphill. I was already 30 minutes in and I was only planning to run 10-12 miles but once I started going up I wanted to see what would be at the top of the hill. It was a good climb, almost a couple of miles long but it was worth it when I got to the top. The view was pretty amazing, I could see the ocean on the west, the bay area on the east and South San Francisco on the north. I stopped for a while to enjoy the view then headed back the same way. I took me just over 50 minutes to get to the top of the hill and was about 5 minutes faster on the way back. I was moving at a decent pace so I think it's safe to call it 14.

Friday, January 18, 2008

12 Miles

Hallmark Park. I came back from work around 5PM and didn't waste much time before getting out. I ran to Hallmark Park through Water Dog Lake Park and had enough time to put a few miles on the xc course before heading back down Ralston Ave. I was expecting that it would get dark by the time I got to the course but I was actually able to spend about 35 minutes there without much trouble. It's nice to see that days are starting to get longer.