Thursday, February 21, 2008

MRI Results

I went back to Dr Oloff today to follow up after my MRI. The MRI showed inflammation of the peroneal longus and peroneal brevis tendons, which was probably the primary cause of the pain. There's also a stress reaction on my cuboid bone and a lot of fluid accumulated near my ankle. Even though I can barely feel any pain by now the doctor suggested I take another couple of weeks off to make sure that the stress reaction doesn't turn into a stress fracture. I will also replace Ibuprofen with prescription anti-inflammatories and start physical therapy. I stayed at work late again this evening, leaving the office around 8PM, and almost headed straight home. I convinced myself eventually to go for some cross training and tried out the stationary bike. I had a hard time finding the motivation, though, and was frustrated knowing that I'll have to take another two weeks of this. I got fed up after only 15 minutes but at least I spent some more time stretching and working the core.

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