Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday, July 12, 2008 [4M]

A bunch of old-timers gathered today in Shorewood to join Schmeck on his last run as a single man. We headed out from Schmeck's place around noon and went for a short and easy (for the most part) loop. This run sure brought back some memories. It didn't take long for Brewer to get up in the front, even though he hasn't run a step in a long time. Not far into the run we got to the bottom of the hill and Schmeck suggested we race to the top. Brewer was the first to react and Schmeck, Carlos and myself followed right away. Soon I started regretting my decision but I was too late to back out. It was an epic 3-way battle to the top with me, Schmeck and Carlos all leaning for the line and eventually declaring it a tie. I was spent after we reached the top, which wasn't surprising considering I hadn't run for over 2 weeks. We took things easy for a while and had the second race of the day with less than a mile to go. This time it was on flat ground between two half mile markers. Carlos was the first one to take off with Schmeck following. I didn't feel like I had another hard effort in me so I stayed back but then decided that I couldn't accept losing to Brewer and Maltas. I caught up and easily cruised to the bronze medal. We were back at Schmeck's place shortly after and called it a day. Not a bad way to send Schmeck off to married life.

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