Friday, March 14, 2008

Foster City [6M]

Another exploratory run in Foster City. I tried to run along one of the lagoons at first but I kept running into backyards and had to get back on the streets. I ended up wandering through residential areas for a while before getting back to the more familiar territory along Marina Lagoon. I was only shooting for 5 miles but wound up back after almost 43 minutes so definitely a solid 6. I decided to add on some cross training and jumped on the elliptical as soon as I got back to PJCC. I only managed to stay on for 15 minutes but I think putting any amount of time for cross training after a 6 mile run is a win. I got off when the two high school girls who were on the ellipticals next to me started discussing how "it's a proven fact" that running with an ipod makes you faster. I was doing my best to ignore their conversation the entire time but that last comment just pushed me over the edge.

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