Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008 [6M]

Redwood Shores. I was out of Club O by 6:30 PM, back to one of the usual loops. I started out at a rather brisk pace, trying to pass another group of people who were running along the trail. I didn't slow down afterwards and I was right around 6:30 pace for the entire run. It felt good to be running at a decent pace again without even pushing it. I did the usual stretching and core routine and decided to do some lifting as well. I have been doing a lot of strengthening for my foot and ankle but haven't really done any lifting in a long time. I didn't have much trouble bench pressing 3x6 with plates which shows that I don't need to do much to maintain my upper body strength. I was a bit pathetic on pullups, though, but then again that has never been one of my strong points.

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