Saturday, March 22, 2008

Week Recap (16 Mar 2008 - 22 Mar 2008) - 46 Miles

Everything went according to plan this week as far as mileage and I felt good on all my runs so I couldn't really be asking for more. I even returned to Water Dog Lake park for my first run on trails, since my injury, putting my foot through a good test. I haven't felt any pain since I started running so I'm confident that I've put this injury behind me. I cut down my physical therapy sessions to 2 a week and I think another week of those should be enough. I don't have any definite plan for the rest of the season since I had to throw all plans out the window after getting injured. I'll keep building up the mileage for now, maybe start doing some workouts in a couple of weeks and take things from there.

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