Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 [9M]

Run with the Road Runner Club. I went back to RoadRunner Sports in San Carlos for the weekly Tuesday night run. We are actually starting to gather a pretty good group on these runs. Tonight, besides myself, we had Brad, who used to run for University of Vermont and has recently ran a 1:10 half, Justin, a former 4:00 miler and another high school senior who's ran 1:52 and 4:10 in the 800 and the mile respectively. There's also another former 4:06 miler and currently triathlete, who is a regular but didn't make it this time. For today's run we did the usual route out to Redwood Shores and back. We were running at an easy pace, pretty much chatting the whole way. I would have liked to add on at least a couple more miles but everyone else was going to dinner right after and I opted against it so I could join them. Overall, this turned out to be a pretty fun evening. I definitely appreciate having someone to run with more than ever. I'm gonna try to make this
Tuesday run a regular thing and we might even start getting together on weekends for some long runs.

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