Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spin Bike + Pool run

I've been a bit busy at work lately and not leaving the office until late. I can usually get a lot more work done after 6PM when there's nobody around and since I'm not spending an hour and a half running afterwards I don't mind going over to Club O a bit late. I started a little before 8 today and hopped on a spin bike first for 25-30 minutes. The spin bike is pretty much like a road bike with a base, no electronics, timers or anything and with just a knob to set the resistance. It felt a lot smoother than the other stationary bikes but maybe to some extend it's because I'm getting more accustomed to biking. I stretched for a while afterwards then got in the pool and did some running. for about 25 minutes. I could have stayed longer but I was starving and they were also about to close the pool.

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