Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008 [12M]

Sheep Camp Trail - Ralston. I opted to run from home again and got going by 6PM. I made my way to Sheep Camp trail, going through Water Dog Lake park as usual. I was expecting my legs to be a bit sore from yesterday's run, as it's often the case after a run in Rancho San Antonio, but all those hills didn't seem to affect me much. Going up Lake Rd I passed another runner and a guy on a bike, inevitably picking up the pace a bit. I kept the pace decent from then on without really pushing it., though. I worked the hills along Canada Rd well and felt strong on the last climb up Ralston. Once I topped the last hill and started going down Ralston, I got moving and ran the last 3 miles in 16:40. Granted it's downhill for the first half of those 3 miles but it usually takes me around 18 minutes so I was running considerably faster than usual. I was working on keeping my strides short and quick while going downhill and kept things fast once I hit the flat parts. I probably shouldn't be getting so carried away on days when I feel good but I think I needed this after the miserable last week.

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