Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday, April 28, 2008 [9M]

Hallmark Park. I was up by 8:30 this morning, before my alarm even went off, thanks to sleeping early last night. I came back from Santa Cruz around 7PM yesterday, feeling spent after not getting much sleep the previous night, racing and having a huge Easter feast. I thought I'd take a nap for an hour but ended up sleeping until 10:30PM and at that point decided to turn in for good. Since I was in at work early I left somewhat early in the afternoon, came back home and out of the door shortly after 5. I ran the usual route to Hallmark and was thinking of adding on some mileage there but my legs were feeling too tired to spent any more time going over hills so I pretty much headed right back. Not the most exciting run although things could have been different if I hadn't managed to barely avoid stepping on a snake at Hallmark.

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