Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday AM, April 29, 2008 [3M]

Redwood Shores. I continued the cycle of going to bed early and getting up early for another day and was up by 8:30 AM again. I didn't feel like running in the morning but went to work ealy and was planning on putting 4 or 5 miles around noon. I got a bit caught up at work though and had about 40 minutes to head to Club O, squeeze in a run, shower and get back to the office before a 1PM meeting. I almost opted against running altogether but eventually decided to go for a short and quick loop. I was feeling a bit sluggish but kept the pace faster than what I would normally had, averaging around 6:30. This was actually around 3.5 miles but I'll round down and add on to the afternoon run.

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