Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008 [11M]

Exeter, NH. I made plans to meet with some of the guys at 9 this morning and head up to Exeter for a run. That didn't stop me from staying up until 4 AM and have a few more drinks than I should. I didn't wake up until Jake called me at 9 and quickly got up, picked up some running clothes and got out of the house. I tried to drink as much water as I could as we were driving up but I was really feeling miserable the entire time. We made it to Mark Coogan's house after about an hour of driving and didn't waste much time getting out of the house. The group consisted of Jake, Coogan and his brother, Jacokes, Paterno and myself. I wasn't really in good enough shape to head out for a long run but sucked it out and tagged along. To make things even worse, Jacokes got out to the front and started forcing the pace as usual. We tried to run through some trails at first but last night's pouring rain created some huge puddles and made it hard to run through. We probably ran 2 or 3 miles on trails then hit the streets for the rest of the run. I was struggling a bit for the first few miles and I was hanging at the back of the group but things kind of got better as the run progressed. I still wasn't feeling that good at any point in the run but I was at least holding on without too much trouble. We were running a bit short on time since I had to get back in time to catch my flight back to the bay area so we kept the run short, which was probably a good thing. I was supposed to land at SJC at 8:00PM and was thinking that I could put in a second run to get some more mileage for the day and loosen up the legs after sitting on a plane for 6 hours. Unfortunately because of some bad weather we had to land at Denver and spend some time on the ground for refueling so I didn't make it back home until 11PM.  I was starving and definitely wasn't in the mood for another run so I'll need to make up for the mileage during the week. 

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