Wednesday, January 23, 2008

5M decreasing pace @ College of San Mateo - 10 Miles

6:01, 5:40, 5:26, 5:15, 5:11.
I left work at 6PM and drove out to College of San Mateo. I did some searching with google maps to find another track in the area besides Stanford and noticed one at CSM. It was annoying to have to go around the barriers at Stanford, plus it always seems to be crowded. I had no idea what to expect at CSM, I didn't even know if I'd be able to run there, but it turned out to be a nice track. There were nothing blocking the lanes and I was there all by myself. There weren't any lights on the track but it was decently illuminated from lights around the campus. The campus is up a hill and one side of the track is overlooking the area around San Mateo bridge, which was arguably the best view I've ever seen from a track. There was some traffic on the way there and I had to drive around campus for a while to find the track so by the time I started my warm-up it was getting close to 7. It was a bit chilly by that time, low 40s and raining lightly, but not too bad weather for a workout. I ran a couple of miles around campus, stopped for a short bathroom break at the end and started the workout right away. The plan was to start at 6:00 and bring it down 20 seconds each mile. I was right on for the first two miles but I wasn't able to transition to 5:20 very smoothly. I wasn't breathing hard at the end of the 3rd mile but my legs were feeling tired and heavy. I started working hard on the last two miles but I couldn't get the legs moving very fast and was way off my goal pace. I wasn't really expecting to get down to 4:40 by the end but I wanted to get close to 5:00 for the 4th mile and try to go sub 5 for the last one. It was a bit disappointing that I wasn't nearly as fast as I wanted but at least the effort was good. I guess it's not surprising that my legs were so tired with all the hilly runs I've done lately, plus I'm still trying to adjust to handling workouts while keeping the mileage high.


Anonymous said...

You can also use the track at Carlmont High School. It's probably closer. You just gotta avoid high school practice times.

Fivos said...

Thanks cwong. I've run by there so many times but never noticed that there's a track there. And it's only a couple of miles away from my place. I'll check it out next time I run a workout.