Thursday, January 24, 2008

Foster City - 11 Miles

I had plans to watch the "Spirit of the Marathon" movie at 7:30 PM and didn't manage to leave the office until 5:30 so I had to rush things a bit. I started out at a brisk pace and kept it that way for the entire run. I was down to 6:30 for one of the miles along the bay trail and I was at 6:18 along Marina lagoon, with the rest of the run probably somewhere in that range. I skipped the loop around Golf Links, making the run about a mile shorter than usual. I didn't run any strides and stretched for only a couple of minutes before heading out to the movie theater. The movie was targeted more towards recreational runners and people who consider running a marathon as a lifetime achievement but it was still interesting to watch.

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Panayiotis said...

I still can't believe you made us watch a movie that was targetted more towards recreational runners, a.k.a. "joggers". man!