Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weekend run with K-Stars - 13 Miles

I got up at 7:30 this morning, drove out to Rachel's place and we ran together to the K-Stars group meeting spot. It was a relatively small group, apparently smaller than usual because it was supposed to be raining. After waiting a few minutes for people to gather we headed out towards Golden Gate Park. I was with a group of 5-6 people at first but after a couple of miles I broke away with one other guy. He's training for the Boston marathon and today he was running a tempo, which was 6x6:00 at 6:40 pace with a minute of recovery in between. Not exactly a workout for me but still a decent pace for a morning run. We did an out and back on the trail along Ocean Beach and came back to Crepes on Cole for brunch. Not a bad run this morning, it's always good to have a break from the monotony of running by myself. Hanging out with the group afterwards was also fun and we ended up staying there for a couple of hours.

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