Saturday, January 26, 2008

Week Recap - 90 Miles

I managed to keep the mileage at 90 for another week, running everything in singles again. I've been meaning to start running doubles but my few attempts to get up early in the morning were not successful and I've been busy at work to get any runs in the middle of the day. The tempo on Wednesday wasn't as fast as I was hoping but at least I put in a hard effort. It's good that I've been keeping the mileage consistently high but I need to start getting in some more quality workouts. I haven't come up with a definite plan for my season yet, which makes it harder to plan my training. I've been thinking about running another indoor race but since that will involve some traveling (either up in Boston for Valentine's or in Washington for one of the UW meets) I doubt I'll make the trip unless I'm confident that I can run fast.

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