Sunday, January 20, 2008

Monte Bello Open Space Preserve - 16 Miles

I was hesitant before to come over to Monte Bello Preserve since it looked pretty hilly but today I finally decided to give it a shot. I started out on the White Oak trail, then continued on Canyon trail which gradually went downhill. I stayed on that trail until Upper Stevens Creek park, then took Grizzly Flat trail to Skyline Blvd. Ironically the Grizzly Flat trail was the steepest trail of the run and was a pretty brutal climb. Once I got to Skyline I decided not to head back but cross over to the Bay Area Ridge trail instead. I made my way back to Monte Bello and added on some mileage there before heading back. As I was expecting this turned out to be a very hilly run, with some long steep climbs. There were almost no flat parts on the run and by the end my legs were pretty trashed. I wound up back to my car after 2 hours but there's no way I can call this anything longer than 16.

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