Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Spin bike + 1 mile of running!

In the exciting news of the day was my return to running after an almost month long hiatus. I was thinking of waiting until tomorrow to start running again but I've been feeling good for some time so I figured there wasn't really any reason to wait another day. I didn't have time to do much today as I stayed at work late again and didn't get to Club O until after 9. I hopped on the spin bike for 20-25 minutes, stretched briefly and jumped on the treadmill. Of course I would hardly call a mile on the treadmill, at just under 8:00 pace, a run but it's a good start after a long break. I pretty much just wanted to see how my foot will feel and was glad that I didn't feel any pain. I'm planning on taking things slowly so I'll probably stick to a couple miles a day for this week and play it by ear from then on. I was planning to do some more cross training after running but I only had 10 minutes or so before Club O closed so I just headed back home. I spent some time at home stretching, doing some strengthening stuff and working the core while watching some champions league football (aka soccer).

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