Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008 [13M]

Hallmark Park - Brittan Ave. I came home early this afternoon and worked while waiting for UPS to deliver a package. If there's one thing I miss from living in a dorm is having a front desk to pick up my packages. I got the package around 5:30 and took off half an hour later. I took the usual route to Hallmark, ran one big loop on the cross country course, then got out on the streets and went all the way to Brittan Ave. I was feeling great today, started out with a nice climb to Hallmark and made it there a couple of minutes faster than usual. I got more into it on the xc course and put a good effort on the hills. I split a 6:45 for one of the miles on the course, which is decently fast considering how hilly the course is. It didn't really feel like I was pushing it, I was feeling strong going uphill and made sure I topped the hills well. I wound up back home in just under 1:30, which I would ordinarily be hesitant to round up but I think today I can fully justify it. I mentioned that I was thinking of cutting back the mileage a bit this week and it doesn't look like I started with such intentions but I'll probably take it easier towards the end of the week. After all I like to front load my weeks and I couldn't pass on the opportunity to get some decent mileage on a good day.

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