Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday, May 11, 2008 [15M]

Rancho San Antonio. I wanted to get some good sleep today so I didn't wake up early to meet the guys at 8:15AM and slept in almost until 11. I drove out to Rancho San Antonio about an hour later and hit the trails by 12:30. I stayed on the lower trails a bit longer than usual, wanting to give my legs a good warm-up before going on any serious climbs. Seing how crappy I felt yesterday I wasn't sure what to expect but fortunately today I was feeling a lot better. I went up High Meadow trail for my first long climb and continued up to PG&E trail. I have avoided that the last few times I came over here, dreading the steep climb near the top and the downhill part on the way back, which always takes it out of my legs. After coming down I still had enough time to go up Upper Wildcat Canyon Trail, putting in another long climb. I came down High Meadow trail and headed back to the car, finishing the run in 1:47. I felt strong on the hills and was moving at a good pace the entire time, so 15 should be a fairly safe bet. It blows my mind how different I can feel from one day to the other. It's always good of course if the change is in the positive direction.

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