Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008 [11M]

Run with the San Carlos Road Runners Club. I was planning to go out for a short run at noon but got dragged into a last minute meeting and by the time I got out it was too late to get a run in. We always do an 8 mile run on these group runs and I wanted to get some more mileage for the day so I got to San Carlos a bit earlier than usual and managed to put in about 3 miles before joining the group. Actually it wasn't much of a group today, just Doug and myself. Doug was feeling a bit tired today and I didn't mind having an easy day so we kept it casual the whole way. My right hip was hurting a bit so I had one more reason to take it easy. I've never had any issues with my hips before so I don't know if it's anything I should be worried about but at the moment it doesn't seem like it's anything serious.

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