Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 [12M]

5M decreasing pace. 5:51, 5:42, 5:28, 5:17, 5:01. Ordinarily I would have ran some intervals on the track today but since I'm running Bay to Breakers on Sunday and this will be the only workout of the week I opted for a decreasing pace 5-miler. I wanted to be a little more conservative today, start out at 6:00 as usual but only drop 15 seconds a mile. My last few workouts have been disappointing so I needed something to boost my confidence. I even ran the workout in my new Asics Hyperspeed 2 flats but that was mostly because I wanted to break in the shoes before Sunday's race. I drove out to Sequoia high school and started my warm-up around 6PM. The track was pretty crowded when I finished my warm-up so I took my time before starting the workout, stretching and running some strides. We had a rather sudden increase in temperature today, it was in the high 80s when I started the workout, about 20 degrees warmer than what it has been lately. I wet myself down before starting but that didn't really help things out much. I started out a bit faster than goal pace on the first mile, coming through in 1:25 and 2:52, even though it felt like I was jogging. I slowed down to the right pace for the last half and easily transitioned to the second mile. I ran even paced, comfortably hitting mid 85s. The third mile went by without much trouble, running remarkably even again and hitting 82s the whole way. I wanted to hit 78s for the 4th mile but wasn't as aggressive as I should have been and only managed 79s. I was hoping to dip under 5:00 for the last mile but I was only able to run 76s for the first 3 laps. I had something left, though, and managed to finish with a 71 for the last lap. I was pretty spent when I finished, partly because of the heat taking its toll. I jogged one lap on the infield then drank and poured some water over me and felt much better. I was feeling better than I expected on the cool-down and ended up going a bit longer than I was planning. Finished back at the track for some cool-down strides and stretching before heading back home to pour down the gatorade. I was pleased with how things turned out today, I was pretty much right on goal pace and running even pace on each mile. I was working hard at the end but I could have been a bit more aggressive in the last two miles, seeing how I was able to close fast at the end. I still need to work more on the mental aspect of my workouts but this was definitely a big improvement compared to my last few workouts. I ran fairly similar times to this workout (after adjusting for the shorter track), which I ran the week before my last half marathon, so if this means I'm in similar shape then I'll definitely take it.

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